BISE Multan Past Papers and Keys of 9th Annual 2019

Get BISE Multan past papers of annual examination 2019. Here you can get both subjective and solved objective past papers. With the help of these objective and subjective papers a student can get prepared for their annual examination. 9th Arabic past papers, Art and Model Drawing 9th past papers, Biology 9th past papers, Chemistry 9th past papers, Civics 9th past papers, Clothing and Textile 9th past papers, 9th past papers Computer Science, 9th past papers Economics, 9th past papers Education, Electrical Wiring 9th past papers, Elements of Home Economics

List of Past papers 2019.

Student can get past papers for the following mention subjects.
Click on your desired link to Download complete subjective and solved objective past papers. English Compulsory 9th past papers, Ethics 9th past papers, Food and Nutrition 9th past papers, General Mathematics 9th past papers, General Science 9th past papers, Geography of Pakistan 9th past papers, Geography 9th past papers, Geometrical and Technical Drawing 9th past papers, Health and Physical Education 9th past papers,

History of Islam and History of Pakistan 9th past papers, 9th past papers Islamic Studies (Elective), 9th past papers Islamiyat (Islamic Education), Management for Better Homes 9th past papers, Mathematics 9th past papers, Pakistan Studies, Persian (Farsi) 9th past papers, Physics 9th past papers, Punjabi 9th past papers, Urdu Advance 9th past papers, Urdu 9th past papers, Wood Work 9th past papers,

  1. Arabic
  2. Art and Model Drawing
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Civics
  6. Clothing and Textile
  7. Computer Science
  8. Economics
  9. Education
  10. Electrical Wiring
  11. Elements of Home Economics
  12. English Compulsory
  13. Ethics
  14. Food and Nutrition
  15. General Mathematics
  16. General Science
  17. Geography of Pakistan
  18. Geography
  19. Geometrical and Technical Drawing
  20. Health and Physical Education
  21. History of Islam and History of Pakistan
  22. Islamic Studies (Elective)
  23. Islamiyat (Islamic Education)
  24. Management for Better Homes
  25. Mathematics
  26. Pakistan Studies
  27. Persian (Farsi)
  28. Physics
  29. Punjabi
  30. Urdu Advance
  31. Urdu
  32. Wood Work
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